IMPACT Percussion’s 2017 season pushed the ensemble to new heights as they performed their powerful production, “Words”. The show explored the idea of the power of words and how they have the power to change lives.

“This was the most design-intensive show we have ever done. With brand new uniforms, a customized floor and a ton of electronics, this show was definitely a challenge, but everyone in the group pushed themselves to achieve excellence all season long,” says Josh Peterson, Director of IMPACT Percussion.

The ensemble was undefeated throughout the season as they competed at two NWAPA (Northwest Association for Performing Arts) shows and the WGI Portland Regional. The ensemble also achieved their highest score ever at this year’s NWAPA Championships: 86.5.

“We wrote a great chapter in the IMPACT history book this year. Everyone grew as musicians and people, and we threw down at competitions to really tell the story of our show. This was an extremely memorable season,” says Nathan Martini, 3rd year member and IMPACT Percussion section leader.

Congratulations to all on this outstanding season, and thank you to all our friends, families, and community supporters!

Haven’t seen our 2017 production? Check out the multi-cam video below!