What is in Dayton, OH?

The WGI Percussion World Championships are held mid-late April every year in Dayton, OH. The best indoor percussion ensembles in the world attend this event to perform and compete. IMPACT Percussion is excited to be competing at the WGI World Championships for the first time this upcoming season.

When is the Dayton trip?

IMPACT Percussion will be traveling to Dayton, OH on Tuesday, April 17 – Sunday, April 22, 2018. Members should plan to miss school that Tuesday – Friday. *It may be possible for members to attend school that Tuesday and fly to Dayton Tuesday evening. Please speak with the director if you are interested in pursuing this option.

I am concerned about missing 3 – 4 days of school for this trip.

The staff completely understands this concern. It will be extremely important to let your teachers know about this trip as soon as possible. You may be able to receive and complete assignments early, or complete make-up assignments, etc. Thousands of students from across the country attend this event every year, and you can do it too. As long as you are proactive about communicating this trip, you should be just fine. The director of IMPACT Percussion can also speak with your teachers about this trip if they have any questions as well.

How will members get to Dayton?

We will be flying to Dayton, OH. Members will be responsible for booking their own plane tickets. However, staff members can certainly help members book flights if they need assistance. We will also have a list of recommended flights to get to Dayton, and we will ensure that no member travels alone. Although we will most likely not all be on the same flight, we are planning to travel in groups, and staff members will be dispersed between those groups to help ensure a safe and supervised trip.

How much are plane tickets to Dayton?

Plane ticket prices vary quite a bit depending on which airport you fly out of and into. We have seen prices range from $300 – $500. The closest destination airpot to where we will be is the Dayton Airport (DAY). However, we have seen flights become much cheaper if you fly into the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG), which is about an hour south of Dayton. If flying into CVG is a more suitable option for more members, we will arrange transportation from CVG to our housing site.

When we arrive in Dayton, how will we be getting around?

IMPACT Percussion has booked four 12 passenger vans for the members, staff, and support staff to use for transportation while we are in Dayton.

Where will we be staying?

IMPACT Percussion will be staying at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dayton: 1828 West Stewart Street, Dayton, Ohio 45417.

Where will we be performing?

WGI World Championships are held in several gyms at the University of Dayton. The University of Dayton is 2.2 miles away from our housing site.

Will food be provided while in Dayton?

IMPACT Percussion will provide some meals while we are in Dayton, and members will need to pay for some meals on their own as well. A detailed breakdown of meals will be made available before we depart.

What is the daily schedule while we are in Dayton?

A full itinerary will be released as we get closer to the trip. However, below is a general overview of the trip.

Tuesday, April 17th – Travel Day

Wednesday, April 18th – Rehearsal Day

Thursday, April 19th – Prelims Performance

Friday, April 20th – Semifinals and possibly finals performance

Saturday, April 21st – Watch Open and World Class finals

Sunday, April 22nd – Travel back home

If you any additional questions about the trip, please email director@impactpercussion.org.